The National Blockchain Technology Council (NBTC) is a body corporate body established under the Societies Act 1966 and the Rules of Association 1984. The establishment of the National Blockchain Technology Council (NBTC) is based on the main objective of overseeing and cultivating the development of blockchain technology in Malaysia. To achieve this, the Council aims to regulate, support, enhance and promote the use of blockchain in any type of organization in the country, including those that practice, provide services, and/or are merely interested in the technology.

NBTC also undertakes the advisory role to regulate the operational practices of blockchain technology to ensure that no party in Malaysia is to use it malevolently. Other than providing a stable framework in which blockchain technology can flourish, NBTC will endeavor to wield the powers bestowed to the council towards parties that intend to tarnish the reputation and integrity of the technology. As Council, this is in line with our advisory role to regulate the relative infancy and erratic potential of the technology itself, as blockchain technology is always evolving, requiring vigilance that the Council is committed to uphold.

NBTC also acts as a platform for blockchain experts and enthusiasts to gather under one roof, to form dialogues or exchanges in ensuring that the regulation and development of the technology are always in safe and trusted hands. Also acting as a platform to advocate learning opportunities, NBTC members and the public at large are invited to connect and partake in numerous blockchain events, professional developments, information resources and networking opportunities.

NBTC is readily accessible to work alongside all businesses and institutions to cultivate blockchain technology in the most positive ways possible, one that can elevate the standards of data management within Malaysia.